Fuerzas Basicas Jornada 2: Slow Starts Continue, Goals Hard to Find

Tigres somewhat predictably drew against Santos last weekend, but what about the youngsters? Could they have any more success? Sorry to disappoint, but the answer is no. There were not a lot of high points this week throughout the organization as a whole, and hopefully weeks like this are few and far between.  We’re still waiting on the Segunda and Tercera Division teams to start up their seasons proper, so once again it was a light week in terms of games played.

Sub 20

The Sub 20 team put up the same result as the big boys; a 1-1 draw. The roles were reversed this time, with Santos scoring first and Tigres equalizing in the second half. Luis Bonilla set up 18 year old Juan Rodriguez for a fairly easy finish in the 69th minute in Los Felinos’ only goal of the match. See it for yourself below:

That’s back to back 1-1 draws to open the season for this time, which is just fine. True, we haven’t seen anyone stand out so far, but it’s very early and these kids need a little more time before we can see what they’re fully capable of.

Sub 17

This one hurt a bit to watch. Game was going well enough, 0-0 heading into the break. Early in the second half Santos scored a penalty after a brainless foul, but hey, it’s 17 year old kids, this is where we want them to make those kinds of mistakes. Better here than in the big leagues, after all.

But in the 89th minute, Santos pulled off an impressive counterattack after a Tigres corner that caught the team completely off-guard. It ended in a 4v1 situation which the Santos youngsters easily handled to put them up 2-0. I understand that much of the team was forward pushing for that late equalizer, and Santos had fresher legs; they used six subs as opposed to Tigres’ four, and they were later in the game to boot, but they’ve simply got to get back on that play, at least better than they did. This was a game that was lost because of a few mistakes, but let’s hope the kids learn from it.

(Images Courtesy of Tigres Oficial Fuerzas Basicas and Liga MX)

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