Necaxa goalkeeper bizarrely dismisses importance of Tigres fans at El Volcan

We definitely have the best fans in Mexico, we probably have the best fans in Latin America, and we possibly have the best fans in the world.

They never stop chanting, singing, and supporting the team. There is no doubt Рthey definitely make a massive impact on matches at El Volcan, raising the Tigres players up to a new level while simultaneously striking fear into the hearts of the opposition.

So it seems very odd that Necaxa’s keeper,¬†Marcelo Barovero, has been so dismissive of them.

“I think the fans stopped influencing the game a long time ago,” he said. “It’s all about what happens on the pitch.”

“The Tigres fans are known as being very passionate, but they can’t change anything anymore.” (Mediotiempo)

Copa Libertadores

Barovero has history against us. He was the River Plate keeper in 2015 when we played them in the final of the Copa Libertadores. He kept a clean sheet at El Volcan in the first leg, laying the foundation for their 3-0 victory in Buenos Aires.

That game, combined with his latest comments, are sure to make him public enemy number one in San Nicolas on Saturday night.

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