Tuca explains why he wants to see VAR at El Volcan

Tuca Ferretti has been speaking about the potential introduction of VAR at El Volcan.

Rumors suggest we could see VAR in action in this season’s Liguilla, but neither the clubs nor the league have yet made any official announcement.

“I have not been told anything by Alejandro [Rodríguez] or Miguel [Garza]”, said the boss. “But if we use it, I would welcome it”.

“The sport needs to become fairer. We shouldn’t always blame the referees. Many other sports use technology to make decisions and I think football should too. Hopefully, it happens soon.”

VAR has received a significant amount of criticism from fans in countries where it is currently being used. The long delays and a lack of information during the decision-making process have diluted the footballing spectacle in many people’s eyes.

Last week, former World Cup referee Arturo Brizio said the outcome of the Tigres vs Chivas final in 2017 would have been different if VAR had been used.

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